Kick Off them Sunday Blues with Musical Feet!

Musical Feet, Our latest Kinect Fun Labs Gadget is available now! This Gadget lets you get your “Big” on by giving you the ability to turn your living room floor into a keyboard that will play songs anyone would know. With common musical instruments, animal noises, or even your own recorded voice; you and your friends can dance across a giant virtual keyboard!


The tunes your kicks can make are limited only by your imagination, as well as a minimum play space of 7.5 feet (2.25 meters). This is due to the fact your Kinect Sensor needs a clear view of ample floor space to work. Be sure to check that your play space is large enough before purchasing!


Once you’ve become a Musical Feet Master maestro you can share the fun here through! You’ll be able to share your recordings to Facebook or download them to share with friends and family.

What are you waiting for? Go grab Musical Feet now!

Don’t Forget to Stretch Before Playing Kinect Sports: Season Two!

Just this week we released another title that features KinectShare! Kinect Sports: Season Two features six new sports chosen by our fans (football, baseball, golf, tennis, skiing, and darts), which push Kinect innovation further with the most robust voice recognition support of any Kinect title to date, refined gesture control, calorie tracking throughout and a re-designed Xbox LIVE multiplayer system featuring a new async play mode – Challenge Play – which allows you to connect and play your friends and family any time.

One of the best things about Kinect Sports: Season Two is that the fun goes well “beyond the box” with new gameplay add-ons via Xbox LIVE from now through Spring 2012.

New activities, courses, ski runs, and even a new sport will greet you every month with continual updates and improvements to Xbox LIVE play. Along with the ability to share videos of your own personal “Great Moments in Sports” through KinectShare make this a must-have holiday item for all your parties this year!

What are you waiting for? Go check out Kinect Sports: Season Two now!