Music Videos Benefit from Kinect Possibilities

Clever use of Kinect helped Tim & Joe create a one-of-a-kind music video for New Look ‘s song “Nap on the Bow”. This isn’t the first time we’ve seen talented people taking advantage of Kinect technology to give their music a new feel. Earlier this year Bell ‘s song “Chase no Face” created a custom program for Kinect combined with a projector to give this music video its own incredible look.

Regardless of how anyone might feel about these tunes one can appreciate the inventive spirit and vision of these creations. We’re constantly amazed by them!

Of course, not everyone is a brilliant programmer and/or musical talent. For folks like myself that cannot carry a tune in a bucket or code my way out of a wet paper bag, there are Kinect Fun Labs gadgets Air Band and Musical Feet. Have you checked them out, yet? Air Band and Musical Feet let me rock out to the fullest extent of the law with augmented reality from the comfort of my living room. Even Minnie enjoys it!

additional source: The Atlantic