“Life-Like” Robot Learns How to Move with Kinect

At the University of Ottawa researchers are working on a robot called “Pumpkin” that will look like us, with artificial skin and a face that can express emotions…like us.

The Canadian team, who apparently have never seen a Terminator movie, seek to make this robot even creepier with a network of tubes under the “skin” that will circulate warm water; making the touch of it less cold and robotic .

Hopefully, they’re keeping Asmov’s Three Laws in mind when they use Kinect to help make Pumpkin Our Destroyer‘s movements more human-like. Instead of laborious programming of specific movements, they employ a Kinect depth sensing camera to capture themselves moving then transfer the data to teach Pumpkin how to evade detection and hunt us all down.

You can skip to 2 min 18 second mark where they discuss how they’re using Kinect at this link.

That’s pretty scary awesome, huh?