Where Did Kinect Fun Labs Go?

Some people have told us that they occasionally have a difficult time figuring out how to get to Kinect Fun Labs on their Xbox 360. This YouTube user has uploaded a video helping out with exactly that!

Do you have a better way? More pro tips like this one? Tell us in the comments!

7 thoughts on “Where Did Kinect Fun Labs Go?

  1. I would have never thought to look in the marketplace for Fun Labs. Games or Apps, but not marketplace. The only way I’ve been able to find it is to start a Bing search, then start a new download of the thing.

    • Yeah, that’s another way to get there, reliably. You shouldn’t have to start a new download, though. Have you tried navigating the way it is explained in the video? I appreciate your tenacity! We hope to make it easier soon!

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