Future Groceries More Fun with Kinect!

Check out this awesome Kinect-powered shopping cart being developed by the Space Wizards at Chaotic Moon (who previously brought us “The Board of Awesomeness”) for the Earth-friendly grocery store, Whole Foods. They call it “Smarter Cart” and it uses Kinect and a tablet to read your shopping list to you and check them as you place them into your “Smarter Cart”. The cart is also motorized and can follow you around the store. It will even listen to your instructions with voice recognition. Your items are rung up as you go so at the end of your trip there is no need to wait in line! Just bag it up and go! Be sure to say farewell to your Smarter Cart, though. They should not be removed from the premises. Although, it’d be interesting to see what a kindly hobo would do with one, wouldn’t it?

Check out this video from GeekWire featuring Microsoft Studios’ own Aaron Greenburg demonstrating the Smarter Cart.

What other daily chores and errands do you think could be made better with Kinect? Let us know in the comments!