Real Talk on Setting Up Your Kinect

Today on Wired’s Geek Dad column titular Geek Dad Andy Robertson offered a pretty awesome and concise guide to setting up your Kinect for “Real Family Conditions”

By addressing best practices and common situations and even suggesting some reasonably priced accessories to help with placement Andy provides any Kinect Player, new or old, ways to improve their Kinect experience. You can read all of them in his article here:

Kinect_Lifestyle2According to Andy, “Time spent setting up the Kinect controller will mean you can get the more out of it. In my family we’ve often been a little frustrated by it. However, some investment from me to get it working has resulted in some of our most valuable play times in years — from the simple pleasure of flying with Peter Pan in Disneyland Adventures, to the instant thrill of slicing fruit in Kinect Fruit Ninja, to the eerie reality of turning my head to look left/right in Forza 4.”

Do you have any suggestions like Andy’s? Feel free to share them in the comments!