Kinect Brings Us Closer to Jem and her Holograms

Take a look at what the space geniuses with Microsoft Research have done now! Yesterday, we told you about some of the amazing Kinect-related research projects that are starting to be shared. Beamatron uses a Projector, Kinect and a pan-tilt moving head to create an Augmented reality concept that lets the user blend the physical world with a digital one.


This doesn’t mean you’re going to have that Ryan Gosling hologram you’ve always dreamed of there to greet you when you get home, unfortunately. At least, not yet. In the demo provided by researchers Hrvoje Benko and Andy Wilson they drove a virtual car over real life ramps. The car even bumped into shoes and other objects while being driven around the room.

Another Gosling-free application provides a heads-up display for the user to notify them of events like a new Tweet or the latest post from their favorite blog, KinectShare.

Take a look at the video! How would you want to use this technology? Share your G-rated ideas in the comments!