The Biggest Fruit Ninja You’ve Ever Seen

Sometimes, Microsoft and Apple work together more beautifully than most people would guess. Orlando’s Crunchy Logistics is getting some attention for creating “the largest interactive reproduction of an iPad in the world spanning 24 feet wide and 12 feet tall”.

This massive display was created as a demonstration of their Padzilla Two Interactive Case which offers gesture control of iOS on an iPad powered by Kinect. According to Crunchy Logistics’ webpage,

“The giant iPad display is constructed through the newest 3.5mm LED wall matrix display technology. 3.5mm is the thinnest LED separation currently possible for this type of LED matrix display which increases pixel density to possible “Retina” display quality at typical viewing distances. Padzilla now enables the user to interact on a large scale from a multitouch reproduction platform and is now multi-input gesture capable.”

These magic engineers chose Fruit Ninja as the game to display on such a massive scale. Of course, this now means I want to see if I can defeat an elephant in Fruit Ninja.