Dragon’s Lair is More Fun with Kinect!

Today, over on our sister blog, PlayXBLA they announced that legendary, quick-time event adventure game Dragon’s Lair will soon come to it’s 67th platform when it launches later this year on Xbox Live Arcade!

What’s more is that this time you can control the actions of this daring adventurer with Kinect! You’ll find your way through the classic castle of the dark wizard Mordroc. Face the [SPOILER ALERT! Stop reading if you’ve never played Dragon’s Lair. Also, WOW how’d you do that? This game is on 66 different platforms! It’s been around since 1983] evil dragon Singe to rescue the screamy Princess Daphne!

To take a look at some sweet high-def screens and additional details head over to Playxbla.com!

Downloadable Kinect Titles 50% Off!

This time of year everyone that doesn’t properly prepare for the holidays is at the mall. These absent-minded procrastinators are rushing from hither and yon, searching in frustration and desperation for the gift they would’ve found a week ago. If you’re looking for a few last minute gifts look no further than your Xbox 360 console with Kinect!

Today only you can pick up Hole in the Wall and Leedmees for just 400 Microsoft Points! That’s half-off the usual cost of 800 Microsoft Points! Both titles are rated E for everyone and they’re perfect for holiday fun with the family.

Both are part of Xbox’s Countdown to 2012. Every day until next year we have a different deal to offer so be sure to check back daily!

Now, if you’ll excuse me…I gotta get to the mall.