Dragon’s Lair is More Fun with Kinect!

Today, over on our sister blog, PlayXBLA they announced that legendary, quick-time event adventure game Dragon’s Lair will soon come to it’s 67th platform when it launches later this year on Xbox Live Arcade!

What’s more is that this time you can┬ácontrol the actions of this daring adventurer with Kinect! You’ll find your way through the classic castle of the dark wizard Mordroc. Face the [SPOILER ALERT! Stop reading if you’ve never played Dragon’s Lair. Also, WOW how’d you do that? This game is on 66 different platforms! It’s been around since 1983] evil dragon Singe to rescue the screamy Princess Daphne!

To take a look at some sweet high-def screens and additional details head over to Playxbla.com!