GDC 2012: Before Fable: The Journey explore Fable Heroes on XBLA!

This week at GDC Lionhead Studios’ Co-Founder and Creative Director announced he will soon be leaving, but the good news is that before he goes the mind behind the legendary Fable series has a few more treats in store for gamers. Fable Heroes was revealed this week and described by some as “Fable meets [multiplayer action beat ‘um up] Castle Crashers“.

Peter is working as Creative Consultant as Lionhead completes his final Fable title, the Kinect-powered Fable: The Journey. This week some lucky members of the press got a chance to talk with Peter and even get some play time with the game.

“It makes core games even better,” Molyneux said of Kinect. “It’s tougher to design for, but I think it is a far more emotional, engaging, and interesting experience.”

“A lot of us gamers talk to our games, and we want to use the emotion in your voice to make the magic in your right hand even more powerful.” Molyneux said. “Imagine you’re facing some horrendous baddies and you say ‘for God’s sake, die!’ then you will be thermonuclear. I love that feeling of power.”

How about you? Are you more excited to play Fable Heroes or Fable: The Journey? Personally, I’m looking forward to both, but I’m pretty sure Minnie is going to miss her dog friends from Fable III.