Nike+ Kinect Training Revealed at E3

This morning at the 2012 Xbox 360 Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) Press Conference we revealed an exciting new project from our team here at Microsoft Studios called Nike+ Kinect Training.

From the comfort of your own home Nike trainers (who work with the company’s top athletes) will provide you with a custom training program rooted in elite Nike fitness and specifically designed to help athletes of all levels reach beyond their potential. Through the magic of Kinect, the personal trainers within the experience can see how your body moves, assess your physical strengths and athleticism, identify areas for improvement, and create a personalized workout plan to help you achieve your personal best. With real-time feedback to make sure positions and movements are correct, the Nike+ Kinect Training custom program evolves as you do, helping you get fitter, faster and stronger. 

This sort of customized support and reinforcement has never been made available to anyone other than incredibly rich folks and incredibly rich pro athletes. ” “‘Nike+ Kinect Training’ gives everyone access to the same training that we give our professional athletes,”  Matthew Mcconaughey Stefan Olander, vice president of Digital Sport at Nike touted. “It merges our understanding of the greatest athletes in the world with the amazing sensor technology of Kinect for Xbox 360.”

“Kinect becomes the eyes for ‘Nike+ Kinect Training’ instructors, bringing a new level of engagement and personalization to the program that blurs the lines between a personal training session and a game,” explained Yusuf Mehdi, the rather dapper and fit corporate vice president of Marketing and Strategy of the Interactive Entertainment Business at Microsoft.

With fitness assessments and the ability to work out with friends over Xbox LIVE and tap into the Nike+ community, Nike+ Kinect Training helps athletes stay motivated every step of the way. Aspiring athletes take training even further by competing in challenges, sending encouragement to friends and keeping workouts on track with a mobile companion app!

So, get ready! Nike+ Kinect Training will be available just in time to help you get rid of the holiday 2012 bulge.

Get Musical Feet for Free!

Have you been wishing that you could play and make music with something more than just your hands? Want to show off your dancing skills and your piano prowess at the same time? Well, you need to treat yourself to Kinect Fun Labs Gadget Musical Feet! Starting today thanks to the generosity of Intel you can get Musical Feet for the low-low price of totally feet-flipping free. BAM, indeed.

Go ahead download it now! Got a rad KinectShare video you made in Musical Feet? Share a link to it on YouTube in the comments and we might pick you to win something sweet and small. We aren’t really able to give away huge stuff like cars or vacations or celebrity backrubs. Someday we’ll be big enough and you know what? We’ll remember you, the fans who were there from the start. The folks that demonstrated the can-do spirit of Indiana Jones or Rand McNally in your quest to find Kinect Fun Labs on the Dashboard. When we’re finally given big prizes, like a lifetime supply of Jelly Bellies, we’re going to tell you FIRST.

Ok, now go check out Musical Feet!

GDC 2012: The Word of the Day is “Proprioception”

Today at the Game Developer’s Conference in San Francisco Double Fine’s Nathan Martz spoke about developing Sesame Street: Once Upon a Monster for Kinect.

“The ability called proprioception [From Latin proprius, meaning “one’s own” and perception, is the sense of the relative position of neighboring parts of the body and strength of effort being employed in movement] tends to be poor in children,” explained Martz, “Which means they struggle with asymmetrical gestures and frequently confuse their left and right.

“We realized we had to do was add very forgiving gestures,” said Martz. This way Once Upon a Monster doesn’t worry if the child raises her left or right hand. Determining which false negatives kids are more likely to offer and developing around it, even against common Kinect development rules, was necessary. The natural relationship with the movement of the body had to be a bit forgiving, because kids move a LOT. Sometimes kids don’t always move the way they think they want to move.

Additionally, Once Upon a Monster was designed to be as Martz explained, “Friendly to the rhythm of family life.” This means something even more dynamic than your traditional drop in/drop out multiplayer. It meant that as long as the Kinect could see someone, you keep playing.

When it came to the tried and true backbone of Sesame Street, educating kids in an entertaining way, there were additional challenges. Figuring out how to teach age appropriate lessons such as ABCs or 123’s didn’t really fit with the game. Instead, Double Fine took a “whole child education” approach that tackles larger, stickier emotional issues. Empathy, sympathy; Dreams, hopes; Wants, needs – these are the elements of the puzzles the Monsters ask kids to help solve.

“Joy is worth it,” Martz concluded. “If we want to reach a broader audience, let’s make our games about feeling more than ‘fight or flight’. We have a finite number of ideas we can express in the time that we have, and it’s incumbent on us as developers to make those ideas count.”

“Do something worth doing.”

Kinect Now in White!

This one is for the style-savvy readers! Today we announced the Xbox 360 Special Edition 4GB Family Console Bundle. This limited edition bundle includes a glossy white Xbox 360 4GB console, glossy white Kinect sensor, white Xbox 360 wireless controller and a copy of two of our most popular Kinect tiles: Kinect Sports and Kinect Adventures as well as a three month subscription to Xbox LIVE Gold and will be available while supplies last for US $ 299.99.

With that three month XBL Gold subscription be sure to go and download Kinect Fun Labs! It is free and provides tons of family fun that you can even share here and download!

You can order it now via