Kinect Rush Snapshot Now Live in Kinect Fun Labs!

Want to check out Kinect Rush in an all-new, totally free way? Kinect Fun Labs is the place to be! Just released today, Kinect Rush Snapshot lets you enter the worlds of five beloved Disney Pixar movies, The Incredibles, Ratatouille, UP, Cars, and Toy Story, to become a unique character and have your photo taken with your Pixar friends! Of course, then you can upload your Snapshots to to download and share online!

What are you waiting for? Go download Kinect Rush Snapshot now! Be sure to share your favorite snapshots with us in the comments!

All Your Favorite Pixar Characters Are Ready to Play in Kinect Rush!

As Woody said in Pixar blockbuster Toy Story, “Reach for the sky!” He’s just one of the amazing friends you’ll get to play with in the highly anticipated Kinect Rush. 

Who isn’t a fan of Pixar’s biggest hits The Incredibles, UP, Ratatouille, and Cars? Now you’ve got the ability to literally jump into these five open worlds to help Buzz, Lightning, Remi and many more of your favorite characters solve puzzles, fight Omnibots, race, run, and fly. You can even invite a friend along in the adventures.

If you want a second opinion, Wired Dad Andy Robertson had some thoughts on the game as well. As a Xbox LIVE Gold Member if you want to try before you buy you can download a demo of Kinect Rush to your Xbox 360. As Up’s Charles Muntz said, “Adventure is out there!” Go have some!

Dragon’s Lair is More Fun with Kinect!

Today, over on our sister blog, PlayXBLA they announced that legendary, quick-time event adventure game Dragon’s Lair will soon come to it’s 67th platform when it launches later this year on Xbox Live Arcade!

What’s more is that this time you can control the actions of this daring adventurer with Kinect! You’ll find your way through the classic castle of the dark wizard Mordroc. Face the [SPOILER ALERT! Stop reading if you’ve never played Dragon’s Lair. Also, WOW how’d you do that? This game is on 66 different platforms! It’s been around since 1983] evil dragon Singe to rescue the screamy Princess Daphne!

To take a look at some sweet high-def screens and additional details head over to!

GDC 2012: Before Fable: The Journey explore Fable Heroes on XBLA!

This week at GDC Lionhead Studios’ Co-Founder and Creative Director announced he will soon be leaving, but the good news is that before he goes the mind behind the legendary Fable series has a few more treats in store for gamers. Fable Heroes was revealed this week and described by some as “Fable meets [multiplayer action beat ‘um up] Castle Crashers“.

Peter is working as Creative Consultant as Lionhead completes his final Fable title, the Kinect-powered Fable: The Journey. This week some lucky members of the press got a chance to talk with Peter and even get some play time with the game.

“It makes core games even better,” Molyneux said of Kinect. “It’s tougher to design for, but I think it is a far more emotional, engaging, and interesting experience.”

“A lot of us gamers talk to our games, and we want to use the emotion in your voice to make the magic in your right hand even more powerful.” Molyneux said. “Imagine you’re facing some horrendous baddies and you say ‘for God’s sake, die!’ then you will be thermonuclear. I love that feeling of power.”

How about you? Are you more excited to play Fable Heroes or Fable: The Journey? Personally, I’m looking forward to both, but I’m pretty sure Minnie is going to miss her dog friends from Fable III.

“Kinect” With Us This Week at GDC 2012!

gdc12_logoEvery year at the time in San Francisco many of the gaming industries brightest and best gather for the Game Developers Conference. You can be sure we’ll be there talking with various space geniuses about Kinect, too!

In fact, if you’re headed there be sure to take note of two sessions of particular interest to anyone developing for Kinect”

Kinect Human Tracking – Better, Stronger, Faster: Thursday 4:00- 5:00 Room 2024, West Hall, 2nd Fl

“Kinect’s human-tracking algorithms represented significant advances in computer vision when launched just over a year ago. And luckily, the team didn’t stop there. Learn about the new features and quality improvements added since launch, as well as best practices for incorporating this new functionality into your Kinect title.”

Innovative Solutions to Gesture Detection with Kinect:  Thursday 5:30- 6:30 Room 2024, West Hall, 2nd Fl

“Many successful and innovative games use gestures as input. These games range over a wide variety of genres, platforms and input technologies, from a touch screen of a smart phone device to a full natural motion controller input device such as Kinect. Developing high quality reliant gestures is a non-trivial time consuming engineering task. In this talk we present an innovative new technology for developing high quality reliant gesture detection using machine learning. Demos, results, implementation and optimization details is discussed. Two case studies are also presented where solutions to gestures from Kinect Sports and Kinect Sports: Season Two are discussed.”

An even easier way to keep track of these awesome sessions and many more is the Microsoft at GDC Windows Phone App! This free app gives you all the information you’ll need about all the good stuff Microsoft is taking to GDC 2012 right in the palm of your hand! Check it out and download it here:

Will you be at GDC? Be sure to say hello! We’ll be there with the official KinectShare mascot, Minnie the Chihuahua. Stop and introduce yourself – we love to make new friends!Minnie01